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Divorce Attorney Novi Michigan

Looking for a Divorce Attorney in Novi, MI?

In Michigan, filing for divorce can be a drawn out and stressful event, we understand that. At the Divorce Attorneys of Michigan, we pride ourselves in our ability to adequately represent our clients through this stressful period while providing excellent counsel. Our Novi clients find that we are conveniently located in Troy, on Big Beaver Rd., off the I-75, a few blocks east of the Somerset Mall.

Our clients have raved about us to their family and friends, simply because we go above and beyond what other attorneys do. We offer our clients honest and easy to follow legal advice; we have no problem speaking in plain English. After all, we’re regular people too.  

Call our family law firm today at (248) 785-3634 for your free consultation with a divorce attorney

Call (248) 785-3634 today to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Michigan divorce lawyer or fill out our contact form. The Divorce Attorneys of Michigan serves the entire Metro-Detroit area.

What Areas of Family Law Does your Firm Handle?

Our Lawyers at the Divorce Attorneys of Michigan routinely counsel divorce clients with the following matters:

Usually during divorce proceedings, you can expect to touch on some, if not all, of the items listed in the preceding list. We highly recommend taking the civilized approach during divorces so that both sides can mutually reach an agreement on issues of great importance to them.

Call (248) 785-3634 Today for your Free Consultation with a Divorce Attorney

When thinking about filing for a divorce, you have questions and are in need to answers. A lot of thoughts typically run through a spouses mind during this time, we’re here to help. During your free no obligation consultation, you will be able to speak with a divorce lawyer and have all your questions answers. During your session, our divorce attorneys will walk you through the typical procedures and explain what each step of the process means and how they will affect you.

Questions that usually arise are how child custody issues are handled, how is child support determined and who gets to keep the home. Call us today to discuss your options and figure out what’s right for you.

Frequently Asked Divorce Questions

Where do Novi residents file for divorce?

If you have been a Novi resident for at least 10 days, then the proper court is with the Oakland County Circuit Court, located in Pontiac.

How long does it take before a divorce is finalized in Oakland County?

Divorces typically take between 60 days to 6 months before they’re finalized, sometimes even longer, depending on how contentious the parties are what issues are outstanding.

Local Resources

Oakland County Courthouse
1200 N. Telegraph Rd.
Pontiac, MI 48341
(248) 858-0345

Northpoint Professional Counseling (marriage counseling)
23895 Novi Rd.
Novi, MI 48375
(248) 773-8440

Family and Couple Therapy Center (marriage counseling)
43155 Main St., #2210d
Novi, MI 48375
(248) 971-4881

Novi Police Department
45125 W. 10 Mile Rd.
Novi, MI 48375
(248) 348-7100

52nd District Court in Novi, MI

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